Metropolis Kino Database (MKDb) is a site created by aldy that tracks the film ratings of members of the Metropolis community, a Discord server for film lovers. Films released in a given year or range of years can be sorted by average rating, popularity, or proportion of favourites using the filter options at the top of list pages. Hovering over a film will reveal basic information about it, and clicking into it will give a list of ratings given to it by members of the community.

Some examples of ways in which data can be filtered include lists ranking the:

A Letterboxd list is also available for the Top 250 by rating if you'd like to see your progress.

You may also be interested in reading the archives of the very short-lived Metropolis Blog and Forums.


As of November 26, 2020, the database contains 136,259 ratings from 102 members spread across 29,874 films.

Data collection and sorting

All ratings made on Letterboxd by members of the Metropolis community who have a role of Actor or higher are in the database (i.e. Crew members are excluded); this way, all members who have been active for a reasonable length of time are included. If you're an Actor+ and not listed below, make sure your account is linked in the #letterboxd_accounts channel and then bug aldy#5160 about it.

Sort by rating sorts by the mean rating of all films with at least five ratings.

Sort by popularity sorts by the lower bound of a Wilson score confidence interval for all films with at least one rating. In practice, this method balances the proportion of positive ratings with the uncertainty of a small number of observations.

Sort by favourites sorts by the proportion of 4.5+ star ratings for all films with at least two ratings, at least one of which is a 4.5+ star rating.

List of members